Minimalist Blogger 4: Gaetha from Grateful Femme

My background gave me confidence. I get to wear anything and feel great.

Name: Gaetha Pierre-Louis

Blog Name: GratefulFemme

Blog Link:

Location:  Queens, New York, USA

GratefulFemme x Minimal Style Daily5


1. What is minimalist style to you?

       Minimalist style to me means that I should be able to match every item in my closet and come up with a look. 

2. How would you describe your blog? 

       My blog is more of a fashion blog. I want to depict that you can have great minimal style on a budget. 
3. What inspired you to become a minimalist blogger? 

Honestly, I got tired of trying to match things in my closet and the non-stop shopping to keep up with trends. Minimalism helped me to keep my love of fashion and took the stress out of getting dress in the morning. 

4. What brands or designers inspire your minimalist style?

        I love Zara, Forever 21 and H&M. They have great trendy pieces on a budget. 
5. How do you pull off minimalist style without being boring?

       I accessorize. For example, in this post I added a faux fur scarf to give the look some spice. 
6. How has your culture/background impacted your minimalist style?

       My background gave me confidence. I get to wear anything and feel great. Because the clothes didn't make me, I make the clothes.

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"A God fearing woman who loves fashion and the feeling of motivating others. I decided to live life with intention and to be happy. I believe that everything is always working out for me."