Minimalist Blogger: Cyrena from Freak Deluxe

Name:  Cyrena Monique

Blog Name: Freak Deluxe

Blog Link:

Location: Birmingham, UK

Freak Deluxe is a lot of things. First and foremost it’s a fashion and lifestyle blog, with a slight lean to Tall fashion because I am 5’10” with a 35” inside leg.

1.       What is minimalist style to you?

In my opinion minimalist style is always chic.  I think one of the key things about minimalist style is that you can’t really follow a trend.  For me it’s more about picking a choosing certain pieces from each season that will stand the test of time.

2.       How would you describe your blog?

Freak Deluxe is a lot of things.  First and foremost it’s a fashion and lifestyle blog, with a slight lean to Tall fashion because I am 5’10” with a 35” inside leg.  I also have a focus on Natural Hair because it’s been one hell of a journey; with a touch of beauty.  I sometimes think it’s too many things, but in a nutshell it’s me.

3.       What inspired you to become a minimalist blogger?

I just think it’s the evolution of me; I didn’t really set out to be a certain type of blogger.  It just happened that way.  I live for black and neutral colours; that’s mainly what my wardrobe consists of.  I don’t really like to follow trends, I never have done really, I tend to just like what I like.  I choose whatever suits my style rather than adapting myself to new trends from season to season.

4.       What brands or designers inspire your minimalist style?

I love Helmut Lang, Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, Celine, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, and Yeezy.  Gucci is having a very big moment right now, but it’s more their accessories that I’m loving; cute statement pieces.  Brandon Maxwell has been kicking out some great collections season after season!  As far as high street H&M Trend is my favourite thing!  However I’ve recently put myself on somewhat of a spending ban, which I explain on the blog.

5.       How do you pull off minimalist style without being boring?

Ah thanks!  I think it’s the accessories; I like to keep my clothes simple, but I love a good accessory – be it an ankle boot, or a cross body bag, a chic pair of glasses or a cool hat.  You can look great in just jeans and a tee as long as you have the right accessories.  Heels, a cute clutch, and a red lip to dress them up; or a chic pair of ankle boots/sneakers, cross body, and a coat/jacket (depending on the weather) to dress them down.

6.       Why has your culture/background impacted your minimalist style?

To be honest with you, I don’t think my culture has impacted my minimalist style.  Speaking of background, I think my mom may have contributed to it somewhat; I have a lot of pieces in my wardrobe that are similar to pieces she owned when she was my age.  She was 90s FLYY! 

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