Not Your Basic Minimalist #2: Diane K from Diane K. Classy & Urban

Name: Diana K

Blog Name:  Diane K. Classy & Urban

Blog Link:

Location: (e.g. city, state, country) Paris, France

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1.       What is minimalist style to you?

I will define my minimalist style by sobriety and simplicity. It’s a way seeing fashion very easy and not to complicated. It’s a mix of good cuts, neutral tones, and edgy pieces.

2.       How would you describe your blog?

My Blog represents my daily outfit. It’s a real image of my vision of fashion, fun, and versatile. I like to mix style and mood. I don’t want to be defined in only one style. My blog represents that a mix of my daily style, inspirations and fashion tips.

3.       How long have you been blogging and how would you describe your journey as a minimalist blogger?

I started blogging in 2012. I will be 5 years now and when I see my first posts, I can see how I changed and how much my style has evolved. Blogging is really an important part of my life. It’s a part of my daily routine. Sometimes I want to quit but afterwards I think about all the time I spend on it and how I like to share my fashion world. When I started it, I didn’t define myself as a Minimalist Blogger. I don’t think the word exist at the time. Minimalist Style is a part of my evolution and for the moment, I am on that mood of simplicity and sobriety.

4.  What brands or designers inspire your minimalist style?

My daily inspiration is from Instagram, essentially, by seeing specific fashion accounts or bloggers. I don’t have a brand or designer which represents my ultimate minimalist style inspiration; but I like brands: House of Sunny, Acne Studio, ASOS, Celine.

5.  What shopping tips would you give to someone to have a great minimal wardrobe ?

I think that the most important thing to start a minimal style is to have a wardrobe full of basics. One day, I just go to H&M to buy only basics pieces. I mean simple tees in white, black, V neck, and circle neck, turtle neck, jumper, hoodie, a good pair of jeans, socks, a simple cut coat << et voila! >>. You can mix massive fashion as Zara, H&M with designer pieces. I think that is the power of minimal style-- to wear a $4 t-shirt with an Acne long cat. Expensive meet affordable. It is also important to get very soft colors that are easy to mix with everything.

6. What makes you unique as a minimalist blogger and style influencer?

As a minimalist blogger, I will say it is my versatility in fashion. On my blog and pages you can find any type of style depending on my mood of the day. The second this is that I use very affordable fashion that every view can get easily.

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