The Best Stores To Shop: For The Minimal Style Junkie!

I have been on the search guys! I've been trying to find out where can I go to find those essential wardrobe staples... the pieces that are simple with that chic and stylish aesthetic. I think these days they are calling it "elevated basics."

I've been doing research because I need to shop in stores other than ZARA, Uniqlo, & Mango. I still love these stores, so I've kept them on the list for you all, but just know I don't really consider them "Minimalist" stores. You'll find whatever is trendy there including great minimalist clothing that are pretty affordable.

For a while, I shopping Forever 21's contemporary collection when I wanted to buy clothing that had a sleek and modern aesthetic when my budget was really tight. I haven't been in there for a while because they aren't really promoting that collection anymore. I don't know what happened.  Either way, I am sure you can still find pretty cute minimal peices there.

So, I have my top 7 minimalist style stores where I know for sure  I will find clothing that I will love. I am still searching for more stores, of course, but these are a few that are also favorites of many minimalistas.

  1. & Other Stories $$$ - Women  
  2. COS $$$ - Women, Men, Children
  3. Mango $$ - Women, Men 
  4. Uniqlo $$ - Women, Men, Children, Baby 
  5. Zara $$ -  Women, Men, Children
  6. Everlane $$$- Women, Men 
  7. Need Supply Co. $$$ -  Women, Men 

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Note: I wasn't able to find links from the stores above, but the below are actually pretty good deals. Check it out!! :)


Did you see any of your favorite stores for minimalist fashion on the list? Which ones?

If not, what are your favorite stores to shop for your minimalist outfits?