When in Doubt, Be Yourself: The Outfit That Almost Got Away

After shooting, I was in love with everything. And then... I doubted this whole Du Rag thing.

Hey Guys! Long Time, No See. Right? Well, Let me tell you -- I've been pretty busy working on the future of Minimal Style Daily and  my future. Some of you may know already that I am currently a full time grad student and I work my 9-5 full time. So as the semester gets going, I'm thinking that I'll post less frequently unless there's a look I'm dying to wear (like this one! I will tell you about soon). While my personal style post will become less frequent, I am excited to share the next wave of Minimalist Bloggers for the "Not Your Basic Minimalist" series. March 1st.

So, about this look...For a couple weeks, I've been dying to wear a du rag. Why? I am not really sure. Yes, I saw Kylie Jenner wear something like this, but I promise you  she is probably the OPPOSITE of an inspiration to me. Maybe. it was Rihanna (her SS17 collection). Anyway, I was thinking about wearing the durag with a sexy little lace dress to create a Hard/Soft Minimal look. You know I love mixing casual/formal or masculine/feminine. Unfortunately, the day that I was able to shoot it was very cold. Therefore, I had to wear a heavier coat than I intended (my fiance's), a longer and thicker dress (Zara's Clearance), and a pair of fishnet stockings. 

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DSC_0864 (2).JPG
DSC_0887 (2).JPG

To be honest, this wasn't the look I was dreaming of. But with my oversized hoop earrings from Sun & Selene and my ombre lips, I became pretty excited about it. n fact, I was in love with everything after the shoot. And then, I wasn't. I doubted the whole Du Rag thing. I felt it wasn't what people wantedto see. They want to see "pretty" & "model-esque". Or, they want to see "serene" & "pure". They want to see "Slayage". I was afraid that a look this Urban wouldn't translate well with my followers.

I was afraid that a look this Urban wouldn’t translate well with my followers.

And then today I said -- I don't care. My minimal style evolves and varies. This is a variation of my expression. I can't let blogging and followers and expections impact my creativity, experimentation, and ultimately who I will become in the near and far future. With that said, my interpretation of minimal style is sure to go in a million different directions at times. That's what makes style and fashion fun. <3

DSC_0872 (2).JPG

And now- I want your honest opinion  on this look AND what are some things you are looking forward to seeing on Minimal Style Daily in the future???

Thanks in advance. Tina