Becoming A Married Woman: Wedding Season Tea

Hey Everyone!!!! I know I've been a bit M.I.A. in the blogging sphere, but it's all for good reason! I've spent the last 2 years being engaged, but my world really became chaotic around February- March-ish. I started a new job working for L'oreal in March. I have been in grad school for over a year now.  Once wedding duties started kicking in, I just had to focus. BUT -- I am back now to give you the month-to-month highlights leading up to the wedding. 



March - In March, we attempted to finalize the guest count (6 months out). We created and sent "Save the Dates" using We basically sent them electronically for all of our young tech-savvy invites and then created about 25 for our older family members. Our intended guest count was 100 people, we sent save the dates to about 150 people.  Funny thing is some people thought it was the actually invitation other people ignored it! It's okay, I'm not annoyed...anymore. LOL

DSC_0520 (2).jpg

April - In April, I prepared to launch "Not Your Basic Minimalist" apparel. That was very time consuming! Sampling each sweatshirt, hoodie, and t-shirt AND all of the hats. I was planning photoshoots, finding models, photographers, stylists, & shoot locations, and then finally loading all the pics and information to the website. I was not thinking about the wedding much! I just wanted to launch with as few kinks as possible! There were still more than I wanted, but that's what first times are for, right? I would not have been able to do it with out help from my stylist: Stevie Gatez, Photographers: Duck The Photographer, Qlick Photography, &  Goblin , and Models Charlotte and Gina. I ended up doing 3 photoshoots just for 1 launch! It was crazy!



May - Once the apparel launched, I went back to wedding planning. We made sure that we had addresses for about 120 - 130 people. Using Paperless Post, our guest were able to respond to the save-the-date with their addresses and it populated into an excel spreadsheet. Everyone did not respond, so there were a lot texts and even calls to get all the addresses. We created the actual invitations using Minted. It wasn't the cheapest option, but it was very quick and easy. I spent a lot of time on Pinterest creating the perfect board for my wedding aesthetic. I sent the link to my planner at Naturally Delicious and continued to update up until the at least 2nd week in August. I'm annoying, I know. In May, I also worked closely to finalize bridesmaid and flower girl dresses, hair, make up, etc. We ended up getting dresses from BHLDN (Bridal shop of Anthropologie). I had some bridesmaid changes (lost one, gained one). It was very stressful, but it all worked out, I think I bought like 3 pairs of earrings for each girl to match the dresses from Macy's.  I returned 2 tho. Overall, I'm very happy that the team was able to execute a very sleek, sexy, modern aesthetic. I was pleased. 

DSC_0505 (2).JPG

June- I went to Jamaica in June to meet my biological mother for the first time over 20 years. It was very important that I did this before getting married and starting a family of my own. I just felt like If I didn't get to know her, did I really know myself? Absolutely not. Knowing my mom and her family taught me so much about who I am and helped me find purpose for who I want to be. 


July - July was the turn up month!!! I went to Virginia to see my adopted Mom. We went dress shopping so that she can slay too! LOL We went to about 3 stores and walked around soooo slowly. It was dreadful. (Mom don't be mad. lol) The crazy thing is that she is picky just like me but wouldn't say anything. I'm like, "mom, do you like this one?" She would just look at me and hint at another dress.  She pretty much didn't like anything. I feel like she was repaying me for my teenage years. Anyway, my bridal shower and bachelorette was in July too! They were amazing! My bridesmaid did a great job executing a very minimal-chic event for my bridal shower. During my bachelorette, I wore a custum dress from EtaLUXE. I twerked a lot but didn't take many pics, obviously. (I might wear it again soon and shoot it just for you guys!)  My Bride Squad had the best outfits (check my instagram for pics @dopecurls_tina). I didn't realize that I could be a Bridezilla until I was drunk. Ooops. It was all fun though.

August - Finally I am getting married! Every thing should be smooth right?? No. Not quite. There were just so many last minute things! I wanted a new veil! We wanted a snapchat filter. I needed to get "inches". One bundle wasn't enough. I lost my wedding earrings. I changed my ceremony songs 3 times this month. I had like 3 fittings at Jaehee Bridal in New Jersey all in August. Finding a ride from Brooklyn every weekend was nearly impossible. Not to mention, I was working crazy long hours at L'oreal. I barely finished my vow on time. I was supposed have them prepared for my officiant Aretha in July. I finished 2 days before the wedding....It all worked out. Of course. :)


I don't have  professional pics from the wedding yet so I did this shoot during my honeymoon for y'all. I hope you like! I don't usually do swimsuit photoshoots. It's not my typical minimal slay, but I said why not?! I know that when I a lot people take pics in swimwear, they try to be overly sexy. I prefer style over sexy. I have a lil body and what-not, But you guys know how I am by now.


Anyway, my Husband thought it was a good idea to try something different. Let me know what you think! 

Outfit Details:

Swimsuit: Asos, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, Baseball Hat: Diesel, Earrings: Aldo Shoes, Choker: Aldo Shoes, Lipstick: Maybelline