Reflections & Growing Pains: How I Survived 2016

As I look to 2017 at all of the newness that is approaching, I can't believe we are finally wrapping up 2016. It was such a crazy year with so many changes, I am a bit proud that I made it through with my sanity.  In true minimalist fashion, there were 3 reflection methods that helped me to survive. 

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As a blogger, there has been so much change for me. I started this year with a team of collaborators when the blog known as TheStreetQlo. Now, I am working on it alone. It has been challenging at times, but I am  learning everyday about how I can improve. I am discovering the mistakes I've made in the past and working through each new experience.

There have a been a few other changes that nearly drove me crazy, like Trump getting elected, but I am here. Still moving. So -- how did I do it?

I learned to take breaks - When things were getting crazy, I had  to find my stability, my stillness, and just be alone. Why? I just needed to figure out what was going on in my life. With so much going on so quickly,  although mostly positive, there were many stressful and sleepless nights. So I took a break from a few activities. That was important to do for a day, a week, however long until I felt comfortable with things. Are your comfortable with the direction of your life? Are your comfortable with the direction of your goals? If not, it might be a good idea to sit back and reflect on how you can fix things

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If we reflect, we can see that we failed for a reason.

Trusted my failures - We all have them, but it's okay. There is a reason why we fail at things. If we reflect, we can see that we failed for a reason. We can see what we did wrong and maybe see what we can do better. In taking time to myself to reflect, looking at my failures helped me find direction. It helped me to see where I should focus my energy and where I shouldn't. It' was a necessary humbling experience that I am sure I will have again.

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Getting things out of my head and on to paper allowed me to sleep at night.

Kept a diary -This year I bought my "Thoughts Book" and, not in any organized way, I started keeping note of things. I wrote things I wanted to do, things I liked, things that pissed me off, mistakes I made...etc. I think it was therapeutic writing everything down. Getting things out of my head and on to paper allowed me to sleep at night. 

So basically, getting through 2016 required a lot of reflection. 


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Based on social media, 2016 was a bit crazy for a lot of people. How did you get through it??? (Comment Below)