First 100 Days: Moving With Passion and Intent

I think this is the hardest post that I've prepared to write. In fact, I was actually going to delay this post because of all the drama surrounding the alleged "Muslim Ban". My fiance and I have been discussing non-stop our concerns about the country and I honestly felt that a post about fashion would be inappropriate. Eventually the conversation led to us feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the different reports, the fake news, the protests, and the tweets, that we had to conciously decide to "shut it off"...shut of the news and stop reading "facebook news". We had to deliberately move forward, prepare for Monday, and continue working towards our individual goals.

In my opinion, this will allow anyone who is concerned with the state ofthe country, to maintain sanity. For the activists, for the entrepreneurs, for the 9-to-5ers, anyone who has prepared to accomplish certain goals this year, let's focus on OUR first 100 days. Our sanity will be maintained by actively placing our energies into our passions. We have to continue to organize and plan. We have to continue to collaborate, communicate, and support each other as we intended to before 2017 started.

This would be the alternative to scrolling on Facebook and Twitter feeling hopeless and/or emotional. I have a habit of obtaining information from social media and getting stuck there. I have even gotten caught up with fake news a few times. Going forward, my goal is to find a few legitimate resources for political/global news. All I really need is 3 or 4 sources; simple.

With that said, I am going to share an outfit that I wore for a date night while I was in LA last December. I fell in love with this dress immediately! It's a beautiful cut out multiple slit dress from Third Form that I couldn't wait to put my minimalist touch on.

Minimal style daily third form
DSC_0765 (2).JPG

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flat top urban outfitters hat.JPG

Thank you guys for checking out this post!

I would love to hear how you guys are dealing with some of the changes going on, how you plan to win during the first 100 days, and, of course, your thoughs on this dress/look.

- Tina <3