Just A Brooklyn Girl in LA: Some Things Will Never Change

Minimal Style Daily Third Form

Some of you may know this already, but I'm obsessed with Los Angeles right now! I even think I want to move there, maybe. It may just be the palm trees and the warm weather, but I want in!  Ironically, while staying in LA for a week, I lived my life almost the same as I do in Brooklyn. Treating my 7 days there  like an extremely long weekend in Williamsburg, I went to the movies twice, went to brunch about 4 times, went to dinner almost the same amount of times, went out to the club twice, went hiking once, and went to the museum once.  I think the only things I don't do in Williamsburg are go hiking and to the museum. Based on this, it seems like I could easily transition into a Los Angeleno. Did I say that right?

Everyone keeps telling me that there is sooo much more to do in LA besides eating and drinking and taking pictures. I just think because it was so cold in NYC, I was not really in the mood for beachy, summery activities. I just wasn't mentally there (besides that one day I went hiking). And despite the bright and vibrant personalities in LA, I was only in the mood to wear black and/or white....mostly black. If you've been following me and my blog for a while, you know that I love wearing black, all different shapes and textures and types of black. It's essentially the core of minimalist style.

I mean....you can take the girl from the east coast, but you can't....you know. So my outfit went like this...

Minimal Style Daily Third Form Poppy Chain Designs
Third Form Dress
Poppy Chain Designs Third Form Minimal Style Daily
Third Form Zara Poppy Chain Minimal Style Daily
Minimal Style Daily Third Form Zara

This dress, from Third Form, I could not wait to wear! I'm obsessed with it! The relaxed sexiness, the thigh high slit, the pleated texture, makes me want to live in this dress. When I was getting dressed to window-shop in Beverly Hills, I was torn between "wear with heels" or "wear with sneakers".As I am known to do, I opted for the  "luxe-dress-with-sneakers" look. Because, of course, comfort-over-everything. To make this look a little more me, a little odd, but so Brooklyn, I wore my minimal leather tie choker from Poppy Chain Designs. When I first got this choker, I wasn't sure how I was going to pull it off. I tried it on with so many outfits before this one. But you know, if there is a Will there's a way. :) And voila, I was ready to hang out in LA.

Minimal Style Daily Third Form Tina Roe
Third Form Zara Tina Roe
Third Form Dress Tina Roe Minimal Style Daily

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Minima Style Daily Tina Roe Third Form

Did you like this outfit??? What about the dress?? I am curious to know how you would wear this dress?

Would you attempt the choker? Don't be shy. Let me know. <3